unique serial number ob bbb black

could any one explain how it would be possible or how the machanism is to have an unique serial number on proc/cpuinfo?
If I do cpuinfo for example on Raspberry PI there is a Serial,
but if you check this on BBB it is always 0. What Need to be done to have an unique Serial for BBB?
Could some one explain me the background on that, how does it work.
Many thanks in advance

We provide a unique serial number in the EEPROM of every board that ships. What is the need for this unique serial number?


Thanks Gerald,
but isn’t the eeprom, content changeable from outside?
Need a way do identify bbb as unique board. Think about using bbb as teaching platform for plc’s.

Yes. If you allow it. By default it is write protected. You have to ground a pin to change it. Each processor has a unique MAC address. You could use that as a serial number. It can’t be changed.