Updating a Beaglebone Black

Hello! I am brand new to Linux, Embedded Linux and Beaglebone Black, although I have done bare metal embedded development for a while.

I just obtained a new Beaglebone Black and am taking a class from FastBit on Embedded Linux. I am trying to connect the BBBlack, but am getting a notification that I have to upgrade the software on the board. When I click on the link to the latest images, I have no idea which image to select. I have an SD card that I can use to program the board, but I don’t want to risk bricking it as I cannot get another one easily.
First question: What image do I select to upgrade the BBBlack using the microSD card? I have balena Flasher, but after that I am really lost.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

First i’d start, what image does your class expect you to have on the board? It doesn’t make sense to convert older “FastBit” directions to something else…

So step 1, figure out what image they expect you to use…


Thank you for the quick response! There are two issues:

  1. One of the initial sections of the class exercises the demo programs on the Beaglebone website. But when I try to access the programs, I can’t proceed because I get the message (from the website) that my board needs to be updated.
  2. I have a microSD card with an MLO on it that I should be able to boot from, but I don’t know if there’s an issue with the MLO file, the card or the serial connection. Any directions say that my board has to be updated first, so that’s why I’m confused as to where to begin. The board does connect over the serial connection and the web interface with the default programming, so I believe the hardware is fine.

Having said that, is your advice to start from the class and see what they advise? So far, the main response is that everything should just work.

Ask your class instructor which specific version of the image they require.

Remember, we are not taking your class, so we don’t know what they told you…