Updating bluez4 to 5.18

hi everyone, i have a beaglebone that is currently running bluez4. i need to get it upgraded to bluez5.18. im new to linux and especially angstrom. i have:

  1. downloaded the bluez-5.18.tar.xz from bluez website.
  2. unzipped it with 7zip and placed the bluez-5.18.tar on the media drive of the beaglebone.
  3. i browsed to that folder and ran opkg install bluez-5.18.tar but all i get is unknown pkg.

i would appreciate any help with the correct process and commands to run to get this ti update correctly…

The most recent pre-packaged version of bluez is still version 4, and so doesn’t do things like BLE. You will probably have to build 5.18 from source. I’ve done this on Debian and it works fine. Haven’t tried it on Angstrom. It requires a few other packages to be installed first–specifically udev, libical, and readline. Those you might be able to install with opkg (I installed them with apt-get on Debian). After they’re installed, you can do the usual configure-make dance with the bluez source.