Updating NAND XLoader

Hi everyone.

Some days ago, I wrote regarding an issue while connecting an external
audio codec.

Electrically speaking, we think the connections are correct now (we
have included some pullups in the I2C lines and corrected the
electrical feed to the daughter card) and think it's just a software
issue now. For that matter, we'd like to do some debugging. First in
the xloader and then upwards.

For that matter, I'd like to flash an xloader version with some printf
statements (to understand the board setup process), and will do the
same exercise with the rest of the software components (i.e. u-boot
and linux).

Therefore, I'd like to ask what version of the x-loader shall be safe
for this matter (safe to be executed from the MMC and NAND). I'm
asking because I've seen in the BeagleBoardRecovery wiki that there
are versions not being able to boot.

Just letting me know the commit hash or the tag to look for shall be
enough. Of course, any other insight here, would be greatly

As a side note, has anyone used something different than the xloader?
(e.g. Redboot).

Best regards,

Alex B.