Updating only the u-boot on eMMC

Hi Team!

I’ve recently become owner of my own BeagleV-Fire. Borad works like a charm. However, I look to utilize it to do some bare-metal programming. I would like to use existing HSS and U-Boot, but get rid of the Linux kernel for now. It can remain on the emmc. What I would like to do is overwrite the u-boot with own brewed version that has some extra commands added to env.
I noticed that there’s no way to change default environment for u-boot, which would spare me the rebuild and re-flash. I would appreciate all help.

Okay. A bit of self reply here. You can use boot.scr to change behavior. It doesn’t require any damaging actions. So, initial image can stay intact.


  1. create new boot.scr
  2. use HSS to enable emmc as usb device:
  3. Swap boot.src
  4. Be happy, new boot.src is used.
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