Updating Openembedded to build Angtrom and custom code

Ok, I admit that I am a noob to OE, Angstrom and the Beagleboard. I have installed and successfully built OE/Angstrom images for the Beagleboard. I recently set all of this up and I am using stable/2009.

But I have a custom recipe that requires autoconfig 2.64 or greater, but my current repository only has autoconfig 2.61.

How do I update or apply a patch to get the latest? I have git pull’d from the openembedded directory to no avail.

Thanks in advance,

What I’ve done in the past is create a recipe of my own with the new version of the package I want to install, just copy OE recipe for that package and put it on your repository with the desired version number.

Thanks Marc.

I just thought that someone would have done this by now and had a set
of recipes that I could get off of another branch.


Well, I think I've got the autoconf upgraded, but I want to make sure
that was the best way and I also have another question.

I switched branches to org.openembedded.dev and saw that it had
autoconf-2.63. I also saw a patch on patchwork to go to
autoconf-2.65, so I applied that and then made a copy of the
directory, elsewhere. I then switched back to stable/2009 and copied
the files into the autoconf directory and did a build. The lzo
package had other problems so I reverted it back to the original, just
to see if I could do a build with the new autoconf. This build

Now I try to build what I was trying to build in the first place and I
get the error "lzo1x_1_compress() not found". Which is why I wanted
use a newer version of lzo. It is currently version 1.08 and I want
to use version 2.03, so I copy the files and put the new verion number
on them. I also changed the revision to 1 in the files. I got the
error "possibly undefined macro: _AC_SRCPATHS" , so I changed the
configure.ac to be AC_SRCDIRS instead and then rebuilt. But now I get
"limits.h not found". That is a standard Linux C header file. Any
ideas on were this file is supposed to be for lzo to find it?

I have tried everything and don't know where to go from here.


I see in my reciepies folder /home/fabio/OE/openembedded/recipes/autoconf
the required autoconf_2.61.bb

you can build the package bitbake -b autoconf_2.61.bb , or at least I think so


oopS 2.64, SORRY
that was too easy indeed

If you only need recent autofoo for a recipe, you can just do:

do_configure() {

In the recipe to skip regen'ing configure.



I guess I needed to have

do_configure() {

to make it work.