Upgrading wheezy to jessie hangs on udev

I just flashed up a BBB rev C with the 2015-02-15 testing console image and tried to dist-upgrade it to jessie. It hangs trying to shut down udev. I also tried following the squeeze to wheezy instructions at the bottom of http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardDebian#eMMC:_BeagleBone_Black, same hang when trying to manually install udev. I also tried manually installing the 1jessie version of the bone70 kernel before upgrading udev. Same hang. Also tried force installing udev by creating /etc/udev/kernel-upgrade (and installing 1jessie kernel), then rebooting; failed to boot. What is the proper procedure for dist upgrading?

Just to fend off some likely suggestions, I don’t have a 4GB card for the jessie image, I prefer the console image in any case, and I know that jessie is scheduled to be released soon, I’m just impatient.

(Speaking of the console image, it appears to be missing the tools directory, I had to track down g-ether-load.sh to enable USB tethering; what is the “proper” way to get those installed?)