Urgent Requirement

Please respond to gagan@hmgamerica.com

Position: Lead SharePoint Developer
Location: Seattle, Washington
Duration: 1 Year

Mandatory Skills:

SharePoint and ASP.Net

Desired Skills:

Workflows, and integration with .NET


This requirement is for a Lead SharePoint Developer

6+ year of experience in SharePoint

Deep understanding of SharePoint Development, workflows, and integration with .NET

Ability to work in onsite offshore model

Strong ASP.NET skills

Hello, all.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have repeatedly emailed this person privately to point out that A. this is not an appropriate posting for this list, and B. there is probably just about zero overlap between the people who would want the kind of jobs he’s posting and the people who subscribe to this list, C. he’s clueless, and D. good recruiters actually do some work and engage some brain cells, and if he wants to compete with them, he might try doing that. Perhaps due to C, he’s not getting the idea and going elsewhere.

So maybe we should all email him (not cc’ing the list, please!).

Or perhaps the list owners can ban him?


Why all the SharePoint hate?

This person has been banned. I did it right after this came through, assuming that works at google!.


Thanks Gerald,

We really have to keep this list clean of arrogant and shameless people,


Well, I try to keep the spam down as much as possible. I get around 150 per day that are blocked. But,if people want to register, ask questions, and then send stuff people don’t like, then that is tough to catch the first time.