USB audio on Beaglebone Black


I’m a recent owner of a new Beaglebone Black which I bought mainly to use as an embedded audio fx box. My Linux experience is limited but I have done a thing or two with it in the past.

I’d like to use the BBB together with an usb audio interface to get high quality audio i/o. I also need jackd to interface with my software (SuperCollider).

I’ve updated the Angstrom distro on the internal flash to the newest version and I also have the new Debian image on an sd card.

I was thinking Debian might be the better choice for my purpose, but the latest Wheezy image for BB hadn’t even Alsa preinstalled, so I did

sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils

but aplay -l gives me

“aplay: device_list:252: no soundcards found…”

even after a reboot. My card does show up though in /proc/asound/cards

Do I have to configure something? I couldn’t find much useful information on G****

Thanks a lot in advance,

Probably you will have to compile your own kernel to support necessary usb dongle

but aplay -l gives me

under debian use sudo aplay -l
that worked for me.

you can also check if your soundcard is listed with lsusb