USB Flash drive

I got my Beagleboard up and working and I used a USB hub to connect my
mouse and successfully accomplished it. The problem is that when i
insert a flash drive into the hub to pull some files off it and save
it to the beagleboard memory, the beagleboard does show the flash
drive on the desktop. My goal is to transfer python from my flash
drive to the beagle board to run a GUI program. If you have a solution
to my flash drive problem or an alternate way of getting python on the
beagleboard I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

I meant to say that the beagleboard does NOT show the flash drive on
the desktop.

I've successfully transferred files between a Flash drive and root
file system (an SD card) on Ångström. I always do it by opening an
xterm window and using the Linux "cp" command. I use the "mount"
command with no arguments to see where Ångström mounted the Flash

I've had some instability inserting an SD card which I think is
because of my current power supply, so I generally insert the SD card
before booting Ångström.

Hope this helps.

Oops, I meant to say:

I've had some instability inserting a USB Flash drive which I think is
because of my current power supply, so I generally insert the Flash
before booting Ångström.

Have you tried using a self-powered USB hub? I have used a couple of USB pen drives with the Beagle Board and they worked well.

You could always get python onto your Beagle Board by rolling your own rootfs with required OpenEmbedded options. You can get the basic build instructions at:

I know that my USB drive is recognized, but I dont know how to view
the files on the pen drive. When I used the mount function I see that
it is /dev/sda1 on /media/sda1. Then when I used the cp command it
doesnt seem to work. All I would like to do is be able to see the
files on the pen drive so I can copy my python program to the
beagleboard. So if anyone has any commands I could use in xterm or
whatever would work to be able to open my pen drive it would be much
appreciated. Also I am pretty new to the beagleboard(obviously), so I
dont know much about rolling my own rootfs.

In particular look at the man pages for these commands:
cat, more, less (you only need one of more or less)
cp, mv, rm
mkdir, rmdir, cd (cd is likely within the bash and/or sh man page)

You will find those under here:

Other basic commands that will help are: ln, grep, diff, tail, echo,
df, du, ps, and kill.

Knowing how to use vi will also come in handy, but vi's man page won't

I'm sure you can find plenty of tutorials available on using the Unix/
Linux command line interfaces via Google.

When working with mounted file systems, you only deal with the
"mounted on" directories. You will not need to mess with the device,
which is /dev/sda1 in your case listed above.

Hope that helps.


Be sure to access the files using /media/sda1 (and not /dev/sda1) as
the starting directory.

To list the Flash drive's root directory, enter: "ls /media/sda1".

To copy file "pig" from your Flash drive to directory "dst", enter:
"cp /media/sda1/pig dst".

Make sure you have permission to read your files and list your
directories. I always log into Ångström as "root", so I see
everything. Here's my trace:

root@beagleboard:~# mount
/dev/sda1 on /media/sda1 type vfat
root@beagleboard:~# ls /dev/sda1
/dev/sda1 [/dev/sda1 only contains the device driver for the
Flash drive, not very useful]
root@beagleboard:~# ls /media/sda1 [List root directory of the
Flash drive]
XOEfonts hello.c parstree.dat xdemo
Xserver xdemo.c
Xserver.bak xdemo.old
fonts john
gboot john2 john3 john4
hello oldfonts
root@beagleboard:~# cp /media/sda1/hello.c dst [This would copy
"hello.c" to file or directory "dst" on my SD card.]

For more information about Linux commands, do a Yahoo or Google search
for "Linux ls command", etc. You'll quickly find a site like this:

Hope this helps.