USB Gadget support


I’ve just got my BVA. I’d like to use it as a USB gadget. However, it seems like there is no support for USB yet. I found the following line in one of the scripts for building Ubuntu for BeagleV A-head: " #No USB support yet…". I’m wondering if there is somewhere a roadmap with features implementation plans for BVA or maybe someone of you is aware of such plans to add support for USB?

When I try to run: sudo modprobe g_multi I can see in dmesg the following log:
[ 186.303205] udc-core: couldn't find an available UDC - added [g_multi] to list of pending drivers

Thanks in advance!

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BUMP, please : )

I don’t have this board and do not understand what you are referring to regards to a USB gadget. Are you saying the USB port is dead?

In the Vendor 5.10.x kernel, i think we have that port setup as usb host, as it was the only usb port, thus keyboard/mouse/storage… I’m trying to remember if usb gadget mode actually worked… I know on mainline usb support was posted, but everything is waiting for thead clock driver at this point…