usb interference / electrical fast transient (EFT) influence

Hi there,

We are a IoT company in the Netherlands, we use the beagle bone black as our core system on an PCB. Until now we have used more than a hundred (100) beagles in the field.

At this moment we face on EVERY beagle bone black a major issue while we have connected (for example) an RS485 usb connector, the problem we face is that the USB continuously reset (disconnects / connects). This is based on EFT influence, because we can reproduce this on our lab it’s a huge issue for our gateway. The test on our lab is based on the Beagle Bone Black only (without our pcb).

We need to discuss the best practices for improving electrical fast transient (EFT) immunity in the Beagle Bone Black. And discusses the effects of fast transients on mixed-signal embedded controllers, and provides methods to

improve EFT immunity on this board, or is there a method to create a workaround or create a USB filter based on a breadboard what we can use or create.

Can we discuss the design Considerations for Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) Immunity on the beagle bone black ?, and possible solutions ?

This is a serious issue we face, so we need a technical meeting (skype) to discuss…

Thanks a lot !