USB mini male cable (both sides mini)


I am using the BBB for backup and therefore I need two UBS connections. One for my Wifi and the other for my external HDD. As the BBB has two USB Ports I would like NOT use an USB hub. The HDD also has a USB mini connector, so I would like to connect from USB mini on the BBB to USB mini on the HDD. That means I need a cable with USB mini male on both sides. Is there such a thing? Anyone knows a place where to buy one? I searched for quite a bit, but could not find one.

I also tried one of those USB mini to USB A adapters and then use a “normal” USB cable. But it seems the adaptor does not work…

Any ideas? I am also thinking of cutting two cables and to make my own…


Well the "slave" usb port is hard wired for slave only, so you'd also
have to physically modify the board..


Well the “slave” usb port is hard wired for slave only, so you’d also
have to physically modify the board…

That is annoying. That means basically that I am stuck with an USB hub?!

PS: I really think having a couple of USB Ports should be on such a board.

The chip's got dual ports. :wink: One can be a host, the other is a slave...

There are a few other 3rd party am335x boards with dual usb hosts.


And so why is it that the Raspberry Pi has 4 USB ports? It is just a
bit annoying almost always I end up with an extra USB hub that is
almost as large as the BBB itself.

Well anyhow, good I asked, saved me from destroying two USB cables :slight_smile:

Actually it's one port with the bandwidth split over 4 ports by an on board hub.

The BeagleBoard-xM has 5 usb ports.. (4 via the smsc95xx hub, 1 via the usb otg)