USB Network Gadget Configuration

Hello everyone,

I’ve built a pocket beagle Debian image following this tutorial and I have confirmed that software that is preinstalled in the Bone Debian images for pocket beagle that establish the network over USB (assigning the host computer and itself remains the same with the image that I built. However, the USB network does not work out of the box for the image that I built. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to configure in order to get the USB network working?

In the last year there has been a lot of churn in the boot script used
to enable the usb-gadget configuration..

For a board with normal ethernet, running:

git pull under /opt/scripts/ should be enough.. but for PocketBeagle..

HEre's a newer version of the RootFileSystem, just haven't pushed it
to the eewiki yet..


Should the image built with the newer RootFileSystem have the USB network working out of the box?

It's a systemd service that loads them..

sudo systemctl status generic-board-startup.service

The Root File System's in eewiki are very basic. They rely on you
setting up what you want.

The beagleboard console images would be about the same size:

With usb networking working out of the box for the pocketbeagle.