USB OTG doesn`t work

Hi all

I installed Ubuntu on my Beagleboard SD. I use it as a server. All works fine for a week. After a Week the the USB doesnt work anymore. I see the login screen, but the usb devices doesnt work. I use it over a powered hub. The hub works at other computers. I also try to directly connect the keyboard or mouse to the usb OTG. Doesn`t work and I see no led is working at my keyboard. Then I read about problems with USB and Ubuntu. Then I installed Angström. Same problem here. I also tried another keyboard and mouse. I tried Angström when I first setup my beagle board. Back then it works with Mouse or Keyboard.

Is the USB OTG from my beagle board dead?


Hi Tashi,

Very weird, can you please upload your dmesg/system boot log to