USB OTG - Host/slave clarification


I just received the board, I am very happy to join the band.

I need a technical clarification regarding the OTG port.
My goal is to use the usb as host.

There are three differents uImage available
uImage_OTG (USB slave mode)
uImage_HOST (USB HOST mode)
uImage_PERIPHERAL (both ??)

If I use uImage_HOST. Is it enough ?
Or is it mandatory also to use a 5-pin USB Mini-A plug ?

I have a self powered usb hub connected to OTG port with a double type
A female.
But I don't detect any slaves devices through usb.

Thanks for the clarification.



Check out the eLinux Wiki at

If BeagleBoard is the host, you do need to provide +5V power to both
the BeagleBoard and the hub.

My understanding is that OTG ports are supposed to figure out for
themselves whether they are host or device, but the software I've used
so for BeagleBoard (Aug 6th uImage from Koen's Ångström demo) requires
that I short OTG port pins 4 and 5 together to the tell the software
that I want OTG in host mode. The best way to do this is to use a 5-
pin Mini-A connector. A useful experiment is to short pins 4 and 5
together with a probe while uImage is booting Linux to see if you need
a Mini-A connector. Once Linux is booted you can remove the short.

If BeagleBoard is in host mode, it sets pin 1 of OTG port to +5V. You
can probe this with a voltmeter at R5.