usb otg in host mode with u-boot_revc_v3.bin

Hi all,

I was recommended to use the u-boot here [1] instead of the one listed
from the Angstrom Distribution to avoid having to use a boot.scr. The
revc u-boot doesn't let me use the usb otg port in host mode - not
recognizing the self powered hub or any of the peripherals plugged
into it (that are recognized with other u-boot versions). Are there
any env settings that I need to set to enable the otg port as host




Hi, did you connect pin 4 and pin 5 of OTG port yet?

I use a mini A connector, so connecting pins 4 and 5 should be
unnecessary. I changed to the rev C kernel from Google Code instead of
the kernel on the Angstrom Demo site and that fixed the problem.

- Dan

Do you want to boot from usb?
Otherwise u-boot is not involved.
(most people boot from nand or sd, so booting from usb is probably
hardly charted territory).


It turned out that the Angstrom Demo kernel (Feb 3 2009) didn't like
the usb otg in host mode. So I switched out the kernel with the latest
rev C uImage from the Google Code page and that fixed the problem.

Thanks though!

- Dan