USB OTG - manually enabling and disabling VBUS


Our OMAP3-based custom board does not have pin 5 (USB ID) connected to
the external world, hence it's unable to "automatically" detect if a
client or host USB device is connected. However, we do have a control
register in a Xilinx FPGA that can force pins 4 and 5 to be shorted
(force USB host mode) or opened (force USB client mode). In addition,
the 5V power is not enabled automatically if our board is in USB host
mode. I need to find out where in the USB driver code (musb_core.c?)
that switches VBUS on and off when host mode is detected or not; I
would presume this is where I put the code to switch on the 5V in the
control register of the FPGA. Can anyone please help? Thanks.


Never mind. I figured it out. It's in musb_core.c, where
    devctl |= MUSB_DEVCTL_SESSION;
is called.