USB Output From BBB

I want to be able to send data from a BB out the USB port to a (Windows) PC. Windows recognizes the BB as a mass storage device. I want to send a stream. I have been using BB Black for a while, but am new to programming for USB, and am not sure what the most straightforward approach would be on either the Windows side or the BBB side. Could someone please point me in the right direction for how to go about this?

Note - I don’t want to use the Ethernet over USB, just “plain old USB”. A constraint is that the physical connection between the boxes be a USB cable. If an existing generic Windows driver could be used rather than writing one, so much the better. BBB is using RCN build 3.8.18.


I would like to do the exact same thing, but I can’t find any information on doing this. I assume that you would have to make some changes to the BBB so that it enumerates as a different type of device and also use a modified driver.


Have not delved into it yet, but it looks like libusbg might be what we are looking for.