USB Powered Hub and Beaglebone Black

I have a beaglebone black. the challenge I face is that I require multiple powered USB devices to be connected to it while only using one power source - the BBB 5V DC connector

1 - USB Camera - Logitech C920
1 - USB GPS Antenna
1 - USB WiFi Adaptor
1 - USB Bluetooth Adaptor

Clearly the onboard USB port cannot supply enough power using an unpowered hub to bring these devices up.

How would I wire the external powered hub to the Beaglebone Black to satisfy the single power source requirement?

  1. Would I tie +/- to the same DC power source before the BB and somehow adapt the USB cable for TX/RX only thus bypassing the board for the power on the hub?

hub | ===tx/rx USB===|bbb 5v|======+/-

+5V-------------------------------------| |

  1. Would I use the +/-5V expansion header and somehow adapt the USB cable for TX/RX only? thus using the BB to supply power?

hub | ===tx/rx USB===BBBUSB

+/-----------------------| bbb expansion header 5v |======+/-

I tried scenario 1 already and somehow destroyed my BB (won’t boot, no LEDs - looks like a brick), bit hesitant to try 2) as I don’t want to brick another.

I am not an electrical engineer.


Plug in a power supply to the external HUB.


In this particular case I am trying to reduce the number of power supplies required.

I’d like to use a single DC power source for both the hub and the BBB. The question is whether the BBB should supply additional power to the hub through the 5V header on the BBB or bypass the BBB altogether for power. Is there some kind of over current or ground loop that would be introduced that would cause undesired effects?

I’m worried about bricking the board and I’d like to know the “safe” way to do this.


Just splice two barrel connectors (one for the bbb and one for the
hub) into one wall plug.


I use a hub from Plugable that has a 3A power supply. One of the largest for a USB hub.

Then I remove the plastic cover and “tap” right after the LARGE CAP that stores the 5V for the hub ports “Inside” the hub.

The two wires that lead out of the hub are now “Upstream” from all of the loss created by the USB style connectors and parts.

This new “regulated” and filters power can be used for all of my needs up to the 3A at 5V ( + 5% !! 5.25V ) for all of the projects.

This higher supply covers all of the loss in the power cable and connectors. So an the card I see 5V at the test points.

REMEMBER: Each “pin” can only pass 1A with no loss. Over 1A for each pin in these connectors you will have Volt loss…