I am looking into PocketBeagle schematics, and have a couple of questions.
Any idea om this if you already hafe ansers?


For U1B/SIPB, I can see J15(USB0_DRVVBUS) is not connected to anyware?

  1. USB0_VBUS

J16(USB0_VBUS) is connected to “USB Device” (USB connector) VBUS (and USB.VIN).
That means, when host PC gives VBUS power, USB0 VBUS is powerd (USB0 being peripheral, and VBUS fed by host PC).

Then, what if USB0 being host? I think as host it must feed VBUS but from where it is fed?
(Expecially, when I only connect external power to VIN pin, in this case USB.VIN is not fed).

Is it expected that I also connect 5V to USB.VIN so that USB0_VBUS is fed?

USB0_DRVVBUS should be the line to instruct USB0 VBUS on/off - but how can I know its signal?