Use BBB as an Ethernet Sniffer on eth0


I"m new to BBB an this is my first post. I recently bought a BBB to install ntopng ( on it. Everything compiled well and ntopng is working properly accept with the eth0 Ethernet port. It is very strange because all it see is Spanning Tree broadcast and CDP paquets, and there is a lots of IP trafic on that cable coming from a network tap at 100Mbps. Very very strange. Everything is working fine with an external USB-to-Ethernet adapter (eth1) or on the usb0 port. Any ideas what is causing this ?

Thanks for any help.


Is the network interface being set to promiscuous mode ?


Really interesting I ignored ntop and the tools around it.
I just need also same use and was about doing it myself via python + scapy.


Wayne, I am experiencing the same issues on my BBB. I’ve found that promiscuous mode is not supported on AM3359 processors (if you look closely on first link below, there is snip of source code).

I have to ask you, which external USB-to-Ethernet did you use?