Use HDMI as input

Hello guys !

I was wondering if it is possible to use the HDMI port as input. Here is my goal : get the video stream that goes through a HDMI cable and analyse it (color especially, personal interest here).
Do you think this is possible ? Thanks for feedback !
PS: I've found a topic about this in this forum but if didn't really answered my question.

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that the HDMI is handled by a NXP framer that converts the LCD signals to HDMI and it only goes one way…


It’s sad… Thanks for your help !

Sad? Well, I guess. But electronics can only do what they are designed to do. As a HDMI transmitter is designed only to go out, that is all it can do.


So what platform would allow me to do this ?

Well maybe you can add a HDMI to USB video capture device.I don’t know of any platform that has an HDMI input decoder as part of the standard offering.