Use the serial port to communicate with an external device

Hi. I want to use the serial port to communicate with an external
device. I know I have to disable console on serial port. But do not
know how to do.

I have the BeagleBoard-XM Rev.B and I have installed Ubuntu 10.10.
Would greatly appreciate any help.


You should really search the beagleboard group archives, this has been
the topic a couple different times..

1: make sure your not passing console=tty02... at boot
2: make sure you don't have a getty script running at startup like:


An advice for you ;
if you write your own serial program to control the serial port of BB, you have to disable the software flow control mode and also there are different modes to close like echo, because theye are defaultly set so if you run the program without clear this flags the port receives different chars.