Use TTY/PTYS options with BBK and 3.8.13 Kernel Help !!

Hello Everybody,

I’m actually using a BBK with this kernel : Linux ubuntu-armhf 3.8.13-bone30 #1 SMP Thu Nov 14 06:23:24 UTC 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

I need tu use tty/ptys devices but kernel 3.8.13 from Rober Nelson is not compiled with this options :


I'm not a beginner in the Linux world, but I confess myself vanquished by compiling a new kernel of BBK with a new .config file

I asks only learn, but I have a real need for this quickly for my job.

Until I understand how to compile kernel, someone could make it me a 2GB Sdcard image of the kernel for the black with tty / ptys suppor to transfer it in my black.

Thanks a lot.

PS : what is the best way to compile et make a sdcard image for BBK with this options, compiling on BBK itsekf or use a Cross-compiler ?

So you want someone else to make you an image just to test one config change?

Just do it yourself..


Thanks a lot, I do a new kernel with success but I have a little problem.

after verify that tty/ptys were present, i would test to enbale UART 4 and 5

But in /lib/firmware i don’t find BB-UART file ?? and in /sys/devices/ there is no bone_capemgr.* file ??

Please can you help me Robert.

Hummm perhaps it’s beacause I used 3.13 Kernel instead of 3.8 ??