Use webcam with opencv on angstrom


I am trying to use a webcam using opencv. I installed angstrom on the
beagleboard Xm. My webcam is a logitech QuickCam Express Plus, so I
installed the module gspca. Now the webcam is detected, and /dev/
video0 is created when I plug the webcam in the beagleboard.

But when I capture a frame it is completely dark. Does anyone already
had this issue?


how are you doing it in opencv?
having a delay after making the video capture and taking the frame.
webcam takes some time to make initial adjustments

In opencv, I take several picture, and I save the last. It mean that I
take around 10 picture before saving the last one.

Do try and test your webcam with another app like mplayer.


logitech quickcam express requires gspca_main and gspca_spca561
Hope you have installed both of them.

I not sure, but I think I did. But I resolved the probleme by changing
the webcam, now I use an Hercules Dualpix Exchange, which uses the UVC
modul and every thinks works fine.

If I have more time, I will try to install gspca_main to see if the
logitech works with it, but for the moment I will be using the
hercules for my aplication.

Thanks for your help.