Using a beagleboard XM with Composite video out (converted from S-Video)?

Hi Everyone,
Then display I'm trying to drive with my Beagleboard XM uses Composite
video. Since it's just a simple wire to convert from S-Video to
Composite I thought that would "just work". Unfortunately it
doesn't. When plugging an S-Video cable into a Dell Display I get
video. If I use the S-Video to Composite cable I have, and plug that
into my Dell Display, then I get nothing.

If I plug the S-Video to Composite Cable into an ElGato VideoCapture
Device then I do see something, but it's in black and white. Could
this mean my Composite display is actually PAL not NTSC as I'd


It is not simple to convert s-video to color composite since s-video is component with Y (luminance) and C (chroma) in separate signals. Most likely your cable just breaks out the luminance Y signal as black and white video signal without the color contained in the C signal.

It's not particularly hard to convert S to composite - most
implementations just capacitively couple the chroma signal onto the
luminance as shown in this example:

If the OP isn't seeing this work, perhaps his BB isn't configured to
properly generate S video? Check the DSS driver documentation
contained in the kernel/Documentation/arm/OMAP/DSS file for more
details on how to configure the S-video output.