Using a Current Sensor thats Analog Output Is >1.8v


I am using a current sensor that outputs analog voltages >1.8v, the maximum voltage the Beaglebone’s AIn can accept.

If I were to use a voltage divider with a capacitor, would this work for my application?

A voltage divider could be used, but you will lose some of the range. Not sure what sort of resolution you are looking for.

Have you thought about looking at some of the I2C based current sense devices?


You wont lose range, since you’ll be scaling the signal, not clipping it. You might lose resolution though.

Yes, you will loose resolution. Some of it off the top. Some off the bottom. Net affect is that range can be lost.


Check source impedance (current sensor output impedance) and ADC pin input impedance.

Ok thanks for your help. Losing a bit of range isn’t a big deal. I just wanted to confirm that voltage divider to work.