Using a speaker and microphones on beaglebone

Hi guys,

I am planning to use my beaglebone for speech recogniton(using espeak and Sphinx4) and synthesis. For this I need a speaker and a microphone. But the problem is I was unable to find a microphone and speaker that have USB support. The only one I got was the normal audio jack plugin( I could get the microphone only with a headset). So I was wondering has anyone tried to get speech recognition working on the beaglebone. If so could you please tell me how you managed to hook up a speaker and microphone to it?
( was one of the alternatives. But I was just wondering if anyone had other ideas?)

You might look at getting an Audio cape.


I was thinking of a low cost solution since the quality of the output is not something I am really concerned about. Is there any other way to achieve this? is the same thing youre talking about right?

That is the one. I know of no way to get audio in without the A/D function that is performed by a CODEC.


Okay. Thank you.

Will USB headset with mic work for audio application that records sound and playback on beaglebone with quality?Here is there is no need for separate pre- amplifier or circuit that requires biasing mic voltage?

Hi - I see that Digikey no longer sells .

Was looking at something which detects the amplitude and frequencies of sounds for a pocketbeagle- is there a part/microphone you’d recommend for that?