Using a Tiva C/Stellaris launchpad DebugOut interface as a JTAG emulator for BBB

I’ve recently got a BBB and I am starting to play with it. Since I am used more to the bare-metal and low level work with microcontrollers, the first thing I am trying to figure out the JTAG interface to the board (probably I won’t need it, but still…). Assuming that I have the JTAG connector soldered, I am trying to find a low cost JTAG emulator for the board. Since I have a stock of some hardware on my shelf I hope I have something that might fit . The most suitable solution that I am thinking of is to use TI’s Tiva C Launchpad board, which can be connected as a ICDI/JTAG adapter to an external device as described here, and then using openocd something like this:

openocd -f interface/ti-icdi.cfg -f target/am335x.cfg

Will this work? Is there anything to do to make it work?
Thank you.