Using an Alternative LCD for BBB

Hi, I’m developing a project, and I’m using BBB. I have to use 5.7" LCD display. Since there isn’t any standart 5.7 LCD cape for BBB, I’m trying to use an alternative LCD, which is “Data Image FG050720DSSWDGT1”. I had a spare one, so I gave it a shot. I connect the pins and boot up BBB with TI’s Android image. But image is flickering and a part of it out of screen. Here is some screenshots:

I think the refresh rate is too high. Screen’s working refresh rate range is 23-30 Hz. But I failed to change Android’s refresh rate. Screen has a 640x480 resolution. I tried to edit “uenv”, but no luck. What I tried was: “video=640x480-16@25” . It didn’t work. If I remember correctly BBB doesn’t give 25Hz at 640x480 resolution. It only gives 60 Hz or 75 Hz. What’s your opinion? Are my ideas correct? Do you think the problem here is realy refresh rate? If so, what can I do to change it? Should I try a different LCD? I’m attaching LCD’s manual too.


FG050720DSSWDGT1.pdf (315 KB)