Using an spi digipot


I am a total newbie with BeagleBone Black.
Is there a minimal example of how to work with spi digipots?

Thank you for the attention!

Please provide which digipot your looking at using, there are spi, i2c, and some custom types like microchip.

Hello amf,

I am using a MCP41010. It is an SPI digipot with a total resistence of 10 kOhm.

look at spidev in linux/Documentation/spi
this is a generic spi driver
The Linux kernel (4.9.x) that I’m using does not have a driver for this device

You will need to add an overlay to associate the spidev with the spi bus that you will be connecting the device to, this link shows you how to do this.
Make sure you only power this device with 3.3 volts, that is what beaglebone black’s pins use

You have a lot of learning here, good luck