Using Beagle for remote data collection; Keep in deep sleep mode and waking up to collect data

I have a project where the Beagle is collecting data in a remote location so it must run off of batteries. I need to power off everything on the processor that can be, then I need it to be in a deep sleep mode, then every 5 minutes or so, wake up, take some data and the go back to sleep.

What things can be powered off, both on chip and on board? I see some discussion about powering off the HDMI. How do I do this?
Do I need to power off the PRUs? What else?

I see echo mem > /sys/power/state puts the Bone into a low power mode. How do I get it out of the mode? Would a crontab entry wake things up?

Thanks for any help.


This link might be helpful:



Have you considered using an external embedded MCU for this task ? e.g. . . .

Board boots, does its thing, notifies and external MCU it’s about to shutdown, then shuts down. The MCU then breaks the connection from battery to beaglebone, reconnects after 5 minutes, and toggles RESETn.

As for which MCU ? That up to you, but there are MCU’s that can run off a single button cell for 10 + years . . .