Using Beaglebone Black to monitor smoker temperature

Hello all,

I am new to the beaglebone community, so I’d first like to say hello.

A little background, I have a little bit of experience with Linux Debian, so I’m not completely new to Linux, but I’m nowhere near knowledged yet. I do have extensive knowledge with Windows platforms. I also do write some code in C, C++, HTML, Batch scripts, and am planning on finally learning some Perl.

I am working on a smoker that I have been building for some time now. I came across a 330 gallon oil tank and have put about 120 hours so far into it. I finally am approaching the point where the fabrication process is coming to fruition, and have installed K Type thermocouples. I have a Fluke temperature standard that I am using in parallel with a voltage multimeter. The thermocouples are a voltage standard, and return a small millivoltage return as temperature fluctuates

I am planning on monitoring a range of room temperature (70ish F) to 500F, even though that is way above the temperature I will be reaching. That gives me a range of 0mV to 9.5mV. I am then using Op Amps with a 175 gain to achieve a range of 0V to 1.8V (yes I realize it isn’t 1.8V exact, but I am observing the 1.8V maximum).

I then found this link which helped me understand a little bit more as far as to viewing the AIN inputs:

I understand that the above link is not exactly what I will be doing, but I think it is an OK starting as far as to view the 12 bits of information I will receive when the temperature changes

My question is, am I on the right track? What would be my next step as far as creating a continuous loop to run when beaglebone boots?

My eventual plan for this is to use a 4x40 LCD display I have and mount it on the smoker to give continuous temperature reading, and maybe even push it to an Android App to be able to monitor it remotely (802.11) from a reasonable distance


Hi Alex,

I adopted the Raspberry PI “PicoReflow” project to the beaglebone: . Using K-Type thermocouples and being able to control a vent and a “heater” should give you a fast start. Temp profile etc is all there.


I thought of something immediately when I read your post. There is an extensive article in February 2016 #262 Linux Journal which uses the BBB for beer brewing. There is a temperature control requirement for the brewing process.

This might be a good illustration of how as similar problem is solved. Even if the content of the article does not apply to the smoker, you will need to construct the BBBB (Beagle Bone Black Brewery) to complement the output of your smoker project.

The article is 23 pages long and has lots of code.

Good luck with your project!