Using DSP on beagleboard: bridgedriver

I am using the latest kernel from

Checking the config file for the kernel, I can see that the bridge driver is built. However when after I load the module, and then try to use dynreg I get “Failed to open DSP manager”. This is my first time on getting DSP to work.

Can some on pls let me know where am I going wrong?

The dynreg is from precompiled dspbridge_binaries.tar

Here is the output of my setup.

ubuntu@beagleboard:~/dspbinaries$ lsmod
Module Size Used by
bufferclass_ti 4268 0
omaplfb 8241 0
pvrsrvkm 122024 2 bufferclass_ti,omaplfb
bridgedriver 230421 0
joydev 8699 0
hid_logitech 9028 0
usbhid 36153 1 hid_logitech
asix 12870 0
rtc_twl 4387 0
mailbox_mach 4335 0
rtc_core 13409 1 rtc_twl
mailbox 3473 2 bridgedriver,mailbox_mach

ubuntu@beagleboard:~/dspbinaries$ ls /lib/dsp/
baseimage.dof jpegdec_sn.dll64P mpeg4aacdec_sn.dll64P usn.dll64P
conversions.dll64P jpegenc_sn.dll64P pingdyn_3430.dll64P vpp_sn.dll64P
dctn_dyn.dll64P m4venc_sn.dll64P qosdyn_3430.dll64P
h264vdec_sn.dll64P mp4vdec_sn.dll64P ringio.dll64P

ubuntu@beagleboard:~/dspbinaries$ **modprobe bridgedriver base_img=/lib/dsp/baseimage.dof**

ubuntu@beagleboard:~/dspbinaries$ ./dynreg.out -r pingdyn_3430.dll64P
Failed to Open DSP manager

Yeah... Your expecting my 'devel' branch to have everything working

It's in progress, currently tweaking this patch:


Thanks for the update. Everything working “yesterday” would have been great :)…

Since it is my first take on using DSP, I was not sure what to expect. If my procedure is wrong or if some issue with kernel or my device… I had no idea…