Using FTDI Pins with PRU Cape

I bought the BBB_PRU_CAPE Rev 1.2A from TI and I am trying to follow this guide to get started:

In the “Setup your BeagleBone Black” section, it states to plug in the PRU cape to the BBB and then plug in the FTDI cable. How is it possible to connect the FTDI pins when the cape blocks access to the J1 connector on the BBB?


Get two expansion spacers such as:


For development, not for the end product, remove the six pin header pointing upwards, and replace it with a right angle six pin header protruding out the bottom-side of the board.

You now have full access to the 6 pin UART0 interface, no matter what is plugged in the top of the board.

Of course, you need access to someone who knows how to solder.

— Graham