Using MMC1_DAT pins as GPIO


I wanted to use all of the possible GPIO pins on the P8 header.

I successfully disabled the HDMI pins and so I can use those, but I am unable to use the MMC1_DAT or MMC_CLK pins as GPIO’s.

Can someone please let me know how I can use the MMC1 pins as GPIOs?

You can use libpruio to do the pin-muxing.

Thanks TJF… I had tried changing the pin-muxing using the device tree overlay and that works for all other pins but not the MMC1 pins… would libpruio work…?

Just try it out …

It should work, since the pin-muxing is done by software running on a PRUSS. The kernel on the host has no influence on that process (and cannot prevent your system in case of unintentional changes).

By default, libpruio locks the pins used by the system. But you can unlock them for customization.