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Please tell me how to edit " build/conf/local.conf " , for making Angstrom image for Beagleboard. Also, please suggest some good tutorial or methods to build the Angstrom image useful for interfacing Beagleboard to touch screen with LCD.


Varun Ramchandani
Undergraduate - 3rd year
Electronics and Communication Engineering Dual Degree
International Institute of Information Technology

Look at the from angstrom scripts git hub that worked for me

go to the angstrom website and read the first news article

Look at the from angstrom scripts git hub that worked for me

  That's what I used also. It gets you started with OE very nicely. I've
built several different images. Now, I just have to get a few more SD cards
and a couple more flash drives.



  I have three WiFi dongles here, two from LinkSys (Now part of Cisco) and
one by Edimax. One is a WUSB54GSC (has SpeedBooster), which works fine with the
stock Beagle kernel. I have this one configured for WPA. The other two (a
LinkSys WUSB54GC and an Edimax dongle) have the Ralink chipset, but they
require firmware to work. I've used Ralink chipset WiFi dongles with Beagle
before, so they do work.

  So far though, the LinkSys WUSB54GSC with SpeedBooster is the one that
works the best and most reliably, out of the WiFi dongles I have now. This is
how W.A.L.T.E.R. will get WiFi. :slight_smile: