Using ROS (rosserial) on PocketBeagle

I’m brand new to using Ubuntu, PocketBeagles, and ROS (Robotic Operating System). My current task is to read Xbox controller data on one PocketBeagle and be able to receive it on another PocketBeagle. The transmission medium is a pair of XBee S2C’s. So far, I have been able to use /dev/ttyO4 on both PocketBeagles, and the XBees seem to be able to successfully communicate, as well as send Xbox controller data.

Recently, my team and I discovered a package in ROS called rosserial, which claims to be able to send ROS serial messages. What we hope this means is that we will be able to send more data to the receiving PocketBeagle (under the belief that these ROS messages are smaller in size compared to sending raw controller data). Unfortunately, it seems that all of the support for this package is for Arduino, with little-to-no support for any other type of hardware, specifically embedded Linux. Rosserial also seems to have extensions for embeddedlinux and XBee, but nothing seems to be working. Is there anyone on this forum that is knowledgeable in ROS (especially rosserial) that can assist me?

I assume you want to stream data from the PocketBeagle to another PocketBeagle which comes from / goes to ROS.

So why don’t you create a rospy node on the side that contains ROS? You can, for example, use pickle to serialize Python objects, or maybe protobuf, json or bson.

It really depends on your requirements, but if you run Linux on both sides I wouldn’t care about rosserial.