using SYSBOOT pins as outputs...not booting from uSD

Hi all

Im using a beaglebone green(same processor as beaglebone black) to control a robotics project.
Im using several of the SYSBOOT Pins as outputs in my program after booting (Program running on QNX OS, from uSD card).

My problem is that the beaglebone won’t boot correctly when connected to the robot periphery, and im assuming the SYSBOOT pins are being disturbed.
This confuses me because all SYSBOOT pins im using are connected to INPUTS of other components. Therefore they are not being driven, and should have no effect.

I also read that the SYSBOOT pins have no internal pullup/down resistors, and that the resistors on the beaglebone black are “weak” and that additional pullup/down resistors should be added on.

I’m a) not sure what it means that the pulldown/up is weak
b) if i add additional pullup/down, what value should they be? Pull up or Pull downs? What is the proper sysboot configuration for booting from SD ?

I’d be happy to see if anyone has any insight on this as im at a loss.