Using the Arduino to send data to the Beaglebone?

Is it possible to send data to the arduino?

I'm thinking my future planned projects will require both digital and
analog signals to talk to the Beagle bone, I heard that the Beaglebone
support 1.8v analog to digital conversions but most of my hardware is
in 3.3v or 5v so my idea is use the Arduino to as a Analog to digital
converter as well as a Voltage converter too...

So back to what I was asking, Is this possible to send data to the
beagle-bone from the arduino and if so can i get some example codes
and/or a link of a document that has personally helped you with this
kind of setup. (Please no 2 second google searches and then copying
and pasting links, thanks)

Thanks mates!

Yes, it is possible to send data between arduino and beagle. at least 2 common busses come to mind (i2c & spi) and TI makes some really nice chips for connecting together 2 i2c buses with different levels on each bus. There’s also generic serial ports on each, and with a bit more work you could probably get a parallel port out of each. With a shield you could network the 2 over ethernet. come to think of it the bone has a usb host port so you could just hook the 2 together over usb. yea, a lot of interface possabilities exist between the 2 platforms. That said, not really sure you need the arduino to just simply do ADC and voltage. much of this can be done quite easily with simple voltage dividers, and/or opamp buffers.


Thanks for the excellent and informative response -- quick too!
That cleared up a lot of things but I'm still scratching my head about
how to take an analog voltage and reading it from the beagle bone from
a language? (Any language is fine, I'm most proficient in python and C+
+ also NodeJS examples would help too but I prefer the latter if you