Using the TMDSEMU110-U (XDS110 JTAG Debug Probe) with the X15

Hello, I am trying to use the TI JTAG debug probe (TMDSEMU110-U Debug probe | for debug while the X15 is plugged into my own “cape” board (X15 is a daughtercard on my design). The JTAG connector is on the backside of the X15 and there is not enough room to plug in the XDS110 JTAG probe 20-pin ribbon connector as it is a beefy connector with the ribbon folded back. I now realize that the JTAG signals are on the cape connectors, but I did not route them to an alternate connector on my board so I could use that connector instead of the one on the X15. What do folks do for JTAG probe connection while the board is plugged into a “cape” card.
Thank you