Using Uart0 as uart

I have a PocketBeagle and made a pcb planning to use the pins P1.30 and P1.32 (UART0 TX and RX respectively) as a uart. It seems by default the pins are used for serial debugging.How can I change this configuration and use as an uart instead?

Simple, patch and rebuild u-boot, then in the kernel device tree adjust the console uart used for output…


Is there any material you could point me towards to so I could do that?I tried searching for it but so far couldn’t find it

For the patch, replacing occurrences of ttyS0 by ttyS1 in include/configs/am335x_evm.h is enough?

and anywhere you see serial1:


device tree:


Just to confirm, in the first one you sent, /board/ti/am335x/board.c, the highlighted part return &eserial1_device; I should replace this for serial0_device or remove it?

eserial1_device = ttyS0…