Using udhcpd for serving address on wlan0 and flashing an image

Got a bit of an issue(s) that I hope someone can help me with.

I am making a web server for very simple wireless web control of the gpio. I wanted to minimize hardware so I wanted to implement a dhcp server to eliminate a wifi router.
I installed the wifi usb adapter and it works, installed hostapd and it works, then I needed a dhcp server so I tried modifing /etc/udhcpd.conf eliminating the USB adapter and putting in wlan0. It would not serve an address. Then installed isc-dhcp-server and tried that with no luck. Then tried dnsmasq with no luck.

Now I did a lot of learning on this board and made quite a few changes and may have really screwed it up so I purchased a second BBB Rev C and moved over my usb wifi adapter.
I made all the same changes using udhcpd and it works perfectly! So thinking it is screwed up, I reflashed the old BBB with the latest image Debian(BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black - 4GB SD) 2015-03-01 from

Now my first problem!
When I mod the /etc/udhcpd.conf and reboot it gets overwritten! I traced it down to /opt/scripts/boot/ This is not on my second BBB and it was not there on the previous flash of my 1st BBB. So I modified the to write my config for wlan0 but it still refuses to serve an address!

How do I get this thing to serve an address?

Second issue, why can I not just make a copy of my working BBB image and put it on my 1st BBB? I have tried every flashing script to back it up but not once has it worked. Surely there has got to be an easier way to back up this thing. Maybe remote flashing???

Sorry for being wordy.