V4L2 Driver for OmniVision OV5647 Camera

I purchased two OV5647 cameras for use with my BB AI-64. At one point I thought that I saw the driver in the device tree. The red led on the cameras would turn on and I could see the cameras listed as available devices. But now the driver seems to be missing and the cameras no longer appear to be active. Was I mistaken?

I know that the driver source code is available on the web.

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Which OV5647 camera did you get?

I know TI tested a few, while we wait for TI to finish documenting how the imx219’s video is decoded, i can pick up a couple of these and make sure the bindings work…


I got these. I wanted to create an app on the BB AI-64 to provide two video streams over usb to an app on my pc. But I’ve got other projects to do so it has to wait.

Thanks ordered!

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