VBAT voltage value


I am checking the voltage value of VBAT and I found that it should be 4.2V according to the image VBAT1.png attached here (obtained from the SRM of the Beagleboard).

The problem is that I checked the TPS65950 datasheet and I found that the nominal value for VBAT is 3.6V, according to the images VBAT2.png and VBAT3.png attached here (obtained from the TPS65950 datasheet).

Can someone clarify me this?

thanks in advance.

Andrés Cecilia Luque




The 4.2 value is correct. That is the way I designed it. 3.6V is a typical value.


Thanks for your answer.

And is there any special reason for powering VBAT with 4.2V instead of 3.6V?

(I am asking this because I designed a board with the BeagleBoard schematics, and after 1 hour working (configuring linux on it through UART), the board stopped responding, the VDD1 dc/dc got broken and now it gives 2.6V to the OMAP instead of the 1.3V. I was powering VBAT with 3.6V

Thank you.

That was the way we did all the EVMs. I saw no reason to change something that was working.