VDD_5V versus SYS_5V Quick Question

I’m using a Beaglebone Green Wireless with a solid-state-relay which requires a 5 volt supply.
I’m trying to make the best choice for long-term longevity with the BBGW mounted in a remote location.

Is there any difference at all whether I use VDD_5V or SYS_5V?

From what I can determine in the documentation, SYS_5V is merely a switched version of VDD_5V which is passed through the power management IC
immediately after VDD_5V is applied.

So I think there is only a very tiny difference in the timing of SYS_5V coming up after applying 5 volts to the USB connector,
which in the case of the Beaglebone Greens is connected to VDD_5V.

If I have got the above correct, I don’t think it will make any difference whether I use VDD_5V or SYS_5V.
Also, the supply voltage never returns back to the Beaglebone from the solid-state-relay in normal operation.


Use SYS_5V, on the Green's (Wireless and non-Wireless).


VDD_5V is not connected to any power source. (just AC to the
TPS65217C), as R168 is DNP (Do Not Populate)..


Thanks, I did not notice the DNP.
I’ll have to revise that. It seems to work anyway. Very little current is being pulled from the supply.
But I need this to be rock solid.

Good Morning,

Does someone know where is R168 on the green beagle bone PCB please?
Thank you

I realize this is an old thread, but most google results end here… So for future reference see the image below: