[Venus OS] Flashing stuck

I’m flashing a new out-of-the-box BBB with a Victron Venus OS image (official image from Victron site, image burned with Etcher).
I powered the board while pressing the boot button, flashing process starts, release button when LEDs start blinking.
After some 30sec, process stalls, with LEDs 0-2-3 solid on, and LED1 blinking.
Left it a night like this, remained the same.

Is the board defective ?

Hoping for your assistance,

I very much doubt that…

Looking at their documentation:

Have you asked them? https://community.victronenergy.com/spaces/31/index.html


I read that LED1/D3 blinking points to the MicroSD,
so I’ll flash the OS on another one.

I’ll also flash the latest BBB firmware, to rule out any -unlikely- issues with VENUS OS