Verified U-Boot on BBB?

Anyone familiar with doing "secure" boot on a BBB?

Someone raised the idea on another forum of secure boot on BBB:

I came across this on

"Verified U-Boot"

It is from 2013 but does mention the BaegleBone Black:

"The crypto code is simple and does not deal with multiple indirections and
data conversions. In fact, it typically takes longer to hash a kernel
than it does to verify it using RSA. On a BeagleBone Black (OMAP4), it
takes about 6ms to verify a configuration and only adds 6.2KB to
U-Boot's code size."

It strikes me as wrong to equate BBB with OMAP4, but hopefully this
really is talking about the BBB.


You'd have to special order the chips from TI... Unless your name is
Google/etc, i doubt you'd get access to it..

If you want a secure bbb, it's best to dump it in a gallon of apoxy,
then a bucket of cement, then drop into the ocean..

Not useful, but secure...


The design and the processor do not support secure boot.


…that may still be useful for OpenROV :wink:

thanks for the quick answer, Gerald and Robert.