Verifying Yocto image in Beagle


I have built the Yocto gatesgarth image for Beaglebone black. Then I loaded the image in SD card and booted with beagle.

Is there any way to check whether the image is built and working with beagle correctly?

Please suggest.

Note: I don’t have UART to usb converter with me.


The following applies if you have BBB w/o wireless, other wise you have to build with wpa_supplicant and firmware.

if you have this in conf/local.conf, you should be able to ssh in as root without a password (been a while, going from memory)

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = “debug-tweaks”

adding this to conf/local.conf will set root password

INHERIT += “extrausers”
EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -P rootpassword root; "

you will need to have openssh-server or equivalent for ssh

I tried with debug-tweaks option. I have built the image with openssh-sftp-server and booted BBB.
But still It is not working for me. I am not able to connect with BBB through ssh from my computer(Ubuntu).
Note: I am building using core-minimal-image

Any support please.

short answer, yes yocto gatesgarth branch does work on BBB,
However I have two meta- bbb and jumpnow from jumpnowtek,

I can ssh in as root with a password (provided in local.conf)